SUNDAY SOCIAL GOOD: One Little Girl’s Trafficking Legacy

More information about C.R.E.E.R Thanks to ThirdEyeMom with our guest blog


This post is part of my Social Good Sunday series. It is a guest post from Chloe, the Founder & President of C.R.E.E.R in France & Cote d’Ivoire.   C.R.E.E.R – Centre de Reinsertion et Education pour les Enfants de la Rue, or in English, a centre of reinsertion and education for street children

I’ve always had a passion for Africa. I first visited east and southern Africa as a young child with my parents and my passion grew through many subsequent visits after as an adult.  I started seeing more of Africa when I headed to the western side of the continent in 2004 which led me to creating something I really didn’t expect.

Seeing the varying states of children throughout the sub-region, from those that ‘work’ for the marabout in Senegal to those you see on the streets in a flash who run from you.  Slowly but surely I…

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