A hole in my soul

Interesting piece from UTZ … the discovery of a trafficked child labouring as a brick maker in a village

Blogs by UTZ Certified

   I witnessed a tragedy. I must warn you that what I saw had a profound impact on me and you should prepare yourself for the prose that follows.

While visiting a village in the Soubre District, I saw a young boy who looked about the same age as my oldest son, Lewis who is 10. Wearing only blue jeans rolled mid-way up his calves, his tattered and dirty white shirt was wrapped loosely around his head. He had a bare chest and no shoes. He had a golf-ball sized bulge from his navel, which I assume was an umbilical hernia. His feet were coated with fresh mud.

He was getting water by lowering a bucket into a well. This looked interesting so I went to watch. After pulling up the gallon sized bucket, he dumped it into a large vessel, about the size of a car tire. It held…

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